First Post

I would describe the current version of this site as alpha 1 😄. The basics are working and the foundation is laid. Goal of this site is to explain different techniques to build maintainable web apps and websites.

This website itself is written in Angular using the express engine for server side rendering. For version control and issue/task management I use Gitlab. For infrastructure i use Oracle Cloud. The database is MongoDB. All of this is completely free (except of the domain) the way i currently use it, so everybody will be able to follow the Tutorials here (once i have them set up).

This blog currently only supports text, so i will keep it short and just list all the things i will have to improve: - Add markdown support and more paragraph types to the blog. Code and images come to mind. - Automate deployments.(The site is hosted on an ARM VM, so no Docker available right now) - Improve Blog CMS UI - Create and add SVG logo to top bar - Update to Angular 16 once officialy released - Change backend to use NestJS - Cache database queries on the backend to improve performance - Properly implement the homepage - Add Tutorials to Code page - Add "About Me"/Portfolio page - Add links to LinkedIn and Gitlab Repo - Create light theme and make it adjust to system settings - Improve SEO